vSphere 6.5 – Deploying vCenter appliance 6.5


VMware vSphere 6.5, the latest version of its industry-leading virtualization platform. This new release of vSphere features a dramatically simplified experience, comprehensive built-in security, and a universal app platform for running any app. vSphere 6.5 makes the vCenter Appliance 6.5 the fundamental building block of a vSphere environment. vCenter appliance 6.5 now have exclusive new feature sets added with the release of vSphere 6.5:

  • VMware Update Manager (VUM) is now part of the vCenter Server Appliance
  • vCenter Server Native High Availability
  • Built-in vCenter Backup & Restore
  • Migration from Windows vCenter to vCenter Server appliance
  • Improved vCenter Server Appliance Management

Deploying vCenter appliance 6.5

With vSphere 6.5, you no need to worry about installing Client integration plugin to deploy vCenter server appliance. The new VCSA 6.5 installer can be used to deploy vCenter appliance 6.5 either from Windows, Linux and also from Mac. I am deploying it from Windows Server.  So double click the “Win32” folder.

vCenter appliance 6.5

Double click on Installer file to start the deployment of vCenter appliance 6.5

vCenter appliance 6.5

In the brand new installer, Click on Install to start the new deployment of vCenter server appliance 6.5.deploying-vcenter-server-appliance-6-5-1

Installing the vCenter appliance 6.5 is a two stage process. First stage is deploying a new appliance to the target new vCenter server or ESXi host and second stage is to setup and configure the deployed vCenter appliance.vCenter appliance 6.5

Accept the End user license agreement for the vCenter server appliance 6.5 and click on Next.vCenter appliance 6.5

Deployment Type:

Under the Deployment type, select the option  Install vCenter Server with an Embedded Platform Services Controller. This will install all vCenter services and PSC in same alliance.  Click Next. There is other deployment method  called “External Platform Services controller”. It requires 2 appliance to be deployed to operate.

  • Install Platform Services Controller – this option will only deploy  Platform services controller on appliance
  • Install vCenter Server – This will deploy only vCenter Services on the appliance, during deployment you will need to point vCenter server to existing PSC server


Specify the target ESXi host or vCenter server instance location on which vCenter appliance to get deployed. Specify the username and password for the ESXi or vCenter Server.

vCenter appliance 6.5Specify the VM name and root credentials for the vCenter server appliance and click on Next.deploying-vcenter-server-appliance-6-5-6

Specify the deployment size of the vCenter server appliance. There are multiple deployment sizes like Tiny, small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Since this is the lab environment, I am going ahead with “Tiny” as my deployment size. Click on Next.


Select the datastore location for deploying vCenter Server appliance and click on Next.

vCenter appliance 6.5Under the Network Settings Page, Define the below settings for vCenter appliance:

A.Select the Virtual machine PortGroup from the drop down  under Choose a Network
B.Select IP Address family – IPv4 or IPv6
C.Network Type –  Select Static or dynamic
D. Network Address – Type the IP Address to be assigned to the vCenter Server appliance
E.System Name – Enter fqdn name or IP address  for your vCenter Server appliance. Ensure you have created the DNS forward and reverse lookup record.
F. Enter subnet mask and Gateway address
G. DNS servers – Enter IP address of DNS servers separated by commas

Review the settings before starting the deployment of vCenter appliance 6.5 and click on Finish.


Deployment will take few mins to complete the deployment of vCenter server appliance 6.5.


Once the deployment is completed, you can either click to continue to start the Stage 2 (Setup vCenter Server appliance) or close and connect to the VAMI page (https://VCSA-IP:5480) to start the setup of vCenter appliance 6.5 at a later stage.  Click on “Setup vCenter Server Appliance” to start configuring the appliance. deploying-vcenter-server-appliance-6-5-12

Login to vCenter appliance using root credentials.


Click on Next to start setting up the vCenter server appliance installation.


Review the networking information which you have provided earlier and Specify the NTP servers for the time synchronization and Selected “Enabled” from the SSH access to enable the SSH access for the vCenter appliance. Click on Next.


Specify the SSO domain name and credentials for SSO administrator. Specify the sitename and click on Next.


If you would like to provide the feedback to the VMware about their products, Join VMware Customer Experience improvement program and click on Next.


Review the Configuration information of vCenter appliance and Click on Finish.


Appliance is successfully configured and you will be able to access the vCenter Server Web Client using URL https://VCSA-IP:9443  and manage vCenter Appliance VAMI page using URL https://VCSA-IP:5480.


Here is the Cool New look of vCenter appliance 6.5 VAMI page.


That’s it. We are done with the deployment of VMware vCenter appliance 6.5. I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!! Be Social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it.