Understand Amazon Web services and AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web services?

Amazon Web services (AWS) offers the public cloud to their customers. Amazon Web services has been started for small organization who don’t want to invest money for their IT infrastructure. AWS is the fastest growing public cloud in the world. Most of the organization even enterprises are now trying to reduce the IT cost by moving their workloads to the Amazon cloud, which provides on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud, with pay-as-you-go pricing. Amazon AWS is the market leader in the public cloud and the AWS skilled engineers demand is growing rapidly. Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud computing platform on the planet. AWS offers a broad set of services that help you move faster, lower your costs, and scale your applications. According to Forbes, currently AWS Certifications are the most popular certifications in the world and tops first in the highly paid certifications.

Amazon Web Services

Most valuable IT certification skills involve creating apps on AWS and managing costs. AWS Certified Solutions Architects are required to have expertise in AWS cost analysis, demonstrating the ability to orchestrate AWS- advanced cost management and control features. This certification also covers ingress and egress of data to and from the AWS.
AWS grows at an exponential rate. Each and every year from 2011 till now AWS has introduced various service announcements and updates. Its growing so fast.

Why does the AWS certificate matter?

It’s all driven by the partner program. There are two different types of partner.

  • Technology Partner
  • Consulting Partner

In order to be a partner with AWS, you need certain AWS certified staff with your company. All the companies within the AWS ecosystem now competing with the number of their staffs certified with AWS. There is a huge demand out there by employer right now to get their employees certified.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Certificate Hierarchy:

The oldest of the exam is the Associate Tier. The Associate tier exams is mandatory to write the exam for the higher levels.

Amazon Web Services

In order to write the Specialty exam you need an associate exam. You don’t need a Professional exam at this stage to write a Specialty exam. Currently there is no one completed all the 8 out of 8 certificates in the world.

Hardest exam in AWS:

AWS Solutions Architect Professional is the hardest exam in the AWS. Its hard because of the number of questions, the length of time it takes and in depth knowledge in very specific areas of AWS.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Exam Blue Print:

In order to check the blue print of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Please goto the below link


Amazon Web Services

The Exam is for about 80 Minutes with 60 Questions. All Multiple choice and pass mark is based on the Bell curve and it moves around all the time. That’s why amazon doesn’t advertise the pass percentage.

  • 80 Minutes in Length
  • 60 questions (May change)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Scenario based questions
  • Pass mark is based on bell curve
  • Aim for 70%
  • Qualification is valid for 2 years

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